I’m Alex Felman, a web developer based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve always been passionate about the web, design and the power of social media. I enjoy helping businesses get on the web for the first time or improve their online presence.

With the increasing trend of offshoring IT services, web design and development has lost its personal touch. I started this business with the idea of providing not just a service, but a connection to really understand your requirements. Being friendly with my clients and working with you as a team is my trademark, my aim is to work with less surprises and achieve more satisfying results.

I offer a wide range of services to fully manage your project end-to-end. I can design, build, host and promote your website, set up your social media profiles and give you advice to build your online presence. I specialise in four main areas; web design, web development, digital content and web marketing.

From small projects to large and everything in between, your needs are my focus. Let me help you turn your concept into reality!

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